The mission of WeAreDavid
is to is to (re-)establish trust
and 100% transparency on how personal data is used between
the you and companies, organisations and authorities.

We truly believe that this should be done as automated and convenient as possible to insure fast and accurate handling.

We also believe that companies shouldn’t see this as a burden but an opportunity to deliver great customer experience. David is providing companies with a bulletproof Service Desk that ensure easy request handling in compliance with the regulation.

This this our driver and motivation for creating David.

We are a group of professional passionate that aim for bringing the personal data back to the hands of the data subject – your data your choice – how it should be.

Meet the team

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Steen Bøttzau Haunstrup:

CEO and sales experience with more than 20 years’ of experience on the management positions.

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Damian Bielawski:

Product owner with the full-stack development background. Solid experience with workflow- and compliance solutions.


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Lars Neupart:


Experienced cyber security executive with 20+ years experience as business developer, CEO and board member in security companies.

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Jesper Johansen:


Chairman and investor in the technology company OrderYOYO. 20 years of experience within technology start ups.

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Mikkel Bo Schmidt


Design engineer with 20 years design experience in companies such as Designit, Made by Makers and Tradeshift.


David has a range of verified and trusted partners that are GDPR specialists ready to help you get compliant.